Working towards
a circular economy

We are a materials science company based in Karachi, Pakistan with the purpose to transform global post-consumer wool waste into new recycled wool fibres.
Our core aim is to re-utilize and give a second life to global post- consumer wool and cashmere waste. By turning them into new materials.
We support textile recycling processes that save water, energy, and avoid carbon emissions. We recycle fibres into new colour ranges without using chemicals or dyes. a global hub for recycling post-consumer wool sweaters, saving them from incineration or landfills.

We believe humans are a part of nature. Our place within it is to support and protect the abundance it offers. Wool is one of the oldest natural fibres, and is a gift to us from nature. Growing and harvesting wool takes great care from humans to treat it as a beautiful resource. We believe part of this caring system is to re-utilize wool at the end of its cycle. This supports a holistic mindset for the protection of natural resources, and future generations.
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